Sportspower Trampoline Review My First Trampoline,12ft,14ft,15ft

If you’ve been looking into purchasing a trampoline for your family, you’ve probably come across the Sportspower brand. Sportpower makes and sells a variety of trampolines, and you might be wondering if they’re perfect for you. We’ve been doing research to see if these trampolines are a good investment, so keep reading the following Sportspower trampoline reviews.

To cut through the plethora of trampolines, we have outlined a simple Sportspower trampoline review, from Sportspower 14ft trampoline, Sportspower My First Trampoline (a nice mini trampoline for kids), Sportspower 12ft Trampoline and 3 varieties of Sportspower 15′ Trampoline. In total, we have shortlisted 6 of the best (and fun) Sportspower trampolines based on their popularity, built, safety and reliability. From 

Sportspower Trampoline Reviews

01. Sportspower Bounce My First Trampoline Hexagon

sportspower my first trampoline

Best for: Kids only (3 to 10 years of age)

Total capacity: Up to 100 lbs. only

This Bounce Pro trampoline by Sportspower is one of the best choices that you can make for your younger kids. If you want to give them the fun that they are looking for along with the utmost safety, then this is a children’s trampoline to consider. It comes with a top-notch sturdy design constructed by the best materials, such as bouncing mat steel, spring and net. A total fun experience for your kids in jumping. Because of the compact size of this mini trampoline, only one child can use it at a time.

Though it is a small trampoline for kids (and beginners), this is a great option for toddlers and young children. It comes with a galvanized steel frame which is completely resistant to rust. It is light in weight and you can easily dissemble it to carry the trampoline anywhere you want. As the name suggest, the Sportspower My First Trampoline, it is a nice mini trampoline for kids who are trying the trampoline for the first time. It can fit perfectly in the backyard of your house or you can even use it indoors at home too.

Plus, the jumping mat is low off the ground, which makes it easy for young kids to get on and off this small kids trampoline.

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Sportspower My First Trampoline

It can carry a weight of about 100 pounds easily. Hence, your kids can jump on it without worrying much. Do note, the assembly of My First Trampoline is a 2 men task. 

• Fun and exciting for the beginners
• Versatile design that can be used anywhere
• Completely safe and secure with netting and pads
• Built to last for a long time
• Made up of galvanized sturdy steel frame

• Small in size that can fit only one child at a time

Dimensions W 84″ x H 73″

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Sportspower Bouncepro 7′ Trampoline

02. Sportspower Outdoor 15′ Trampoline With Net

sportspower 15' trampoline

Best for: Children ages 3 to 10 years of age

This is one of the best outdoor kid’s trampolines that you can opt for. It is a 15 feet trampoline that comes with enclosed net for added safety. The enclosure net is made up of UV-resistant polyethylene which is quite durable and can last for a long time. This comes with a double-zip design which allows the children to play and bounce around on the trampoline safely. There is no risk of them falling out of the trampoline.

This trampoline is built of a durable, rust-resistant steel frame construction. The galvanized steel frame offer great sturdiness and durability with extra strength.

This Sportspower 15′ trampoline with enclosure net is a nice safety feature. The high quality jumping mat with added soft foam can enhance the safety of the kids jumping. The springs of this trampoline is made up of high quality spring which can offer the most durable performance and great bounce too.

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Sportspower 15′ Trampoline With Net

As well, it comes with 6 W-shaped steel legs for providing superb stability to keep you completely safe while jumping.

The best part of this trampoline is that the net comes with a strong and durable zipper system in the front. It can help in both ways — giving easy access to enter into the trampoline, and also, provide complete protection to the kids inside the trampoline.

• Perfect size for the yard
• UV resistant jump mat and net for outdoor use
• Durable and sturdy structure
• Best safety with 15 inches enclosure net
• For the children aged from 3 years to 10 years

• Installation can be a bit tricky

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Sportspower 15′ Trampoline With Net

03. Sportspower Trampoline 15′ With Enclosure Net

sportspower trampoline review

Best for: Children aged 8 and older

If you are looking for a 15ft trampoline that can host more than one child at a time, then this is the perfect one for you. It is a sturdy and durable trampoline with 15-feet enclosure net that can offer great bounce and safety at the same time.

The best bit … it is quite spacious and can host about 4 children at a time. It is also more resilient than you can even expect. The net that is used for enclosing the trampoline is completely resistant to UV rays. Hence, you can even use this trampoline outdoors.

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The Sportspower 15ft Trampoline

It offers an optimal bouncing effect with 96 high-quality springs. The material of the frame is made of galvanized alloy steel and the trampoline pad comes with safety padding for better safety.

The extra padding also offer extra bounce, which can enhance the jumping experience too. This strong high-quality built is one of the best parts of this Sportspower 15′ trampoline. Beside these, the trampoline also comes with the T-weld legs offering the best in class stability while your children are jumping on it.

• Enclosed safety netting
• U-resistant hardware to use outdoors
• Maximum stability with the T-weld trampoline legs
• Extra padded mats for better bounciness
• Can hold up to 4 people at a time
• Sturdy and strong construction

• It can take a lot of time for installing the entire trampoline

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04. Sportspower 15 Foot Heavy Duty Outdoor Trampoline Steelflex Enclosure

sportspower 15ft trampoline

Best for: Both children and adults

Looking for a heavy-duty trampoline for the ultimate safety and sturdiness? Then this is the Sportspower 15′ Trampoline is the one for you. It ensures that you will have a super-safe experience with 15 feet enclosed Steelflex net.

First of all, the galvanized steel frame and springs make this trampoline quite durable and sturdy. It comes with 96 springs that can give you the best and most fun experience for your kids.

Besides having the durable design with T-weld legs and strong constructions, this trampoline can also offer super-safe design. It comes with Steelflex netting that offers stability, safety and reliability too.

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Sportspower 15ft Heavy Duty Trampoline With Enclosure Net Here

You can freely jump and have fun along with your children without worry about falling off the trampoline, as the nets are quite sturdy. Along with that the strong legs, it offer sturdiness so that you can enjoy consistent jumping on the trampoline.

The best addition of this Sportspower 15ft trampoline is that it comes along with the water anchors right at the bottom. Hence, the trampoline can stay completely at its place all the time and will not move even when you are constantly jumping on the trampoline.

• Super sturdy UV-resistant netting and mat
• Perfect for outdoor fun activity
• Comes with sturdy frames and springs
• Steelflex netting offers great safety
• Best for both children and adults
• Offers great stability with 1-weld sturdy legs

• The installing manual is quite complicated

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Sportspower 15ft Heavy Duty Trampoline

05. Sportspower 12ft trampoline With Enclosed Net

sportspower 12ft trampoline

Best for: Both children and adults

Total Capacity: Up to 200 lbs.

This Sportspower 12 trampoline is not the largest one, but definitely not the smallest either. It is a great trampoline with spacious bouncing pad for you to jump freely. It also comes with a 12-feet net that can help you stay safe and protected inside the trampoline while you are bouncing. It is completely safe and secure, both for the adults as well as for the kids.

The trampoline offers the best build with high-quality galvanized steel making it extremely durable, and long lasting. Even the springs of this trampoline is made up of high-quality galvanized springs. This can offer great functionality for years. As the nets and the other hardware are completely resistant to UV rays, this trampoline is perfect for using outdoors. There will be no issues if you keep this trampoline outside.

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Sportspower 12 Trampoline Here

The Sportspower 12ft trampoline comes with extra safety and practical design that can host one or two adults at a time, and up to 4 children at a time. The space is roomy. So, you can enjoy jumping around freely without worrying about hitting the net.

• High quality and durable built
• Made up of super sturdy springs
• Spacious and convenient design
• Comes with 12-inch strong net
• Safety padding and T-weld legs perfect experience

• Can be a bit unstable at times

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The Sportspower 12ft Trampoline

6. Sportspower 14ft Trampoline With Enclosure

sportspower 14ft trampoline

Built for: kids (6+) and adults
Total capacity: 220 lbs.

If you are looking for a perfect trampoline for both adults and kids, then this is another option that you can consider, the Sportspower trampoline 14. It comes with 14 feet frame size along with a high quality Easi-store safety enclosure. This enclosure net makes it extremely safe for the kids, as well as the adults to enjoy bouncing around in this trampoline.

Furthermore, when you’re not using the trampoline, the Easi-store safety enclosure can be quickly removed and folded away, keeping it from becoming prematurely worn from being kept outside all of the time.

Along with that, it also comes with the safety pad to keep you safe and secure even when you miss the landing on the trampoline mat with your feet.

With the internal netting, it simply offers an additional degree of safety to the trampoline. The netting protects children from falling down the gap between the jump mat and the padded frame, as well as gaining access to the springs.

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Sportspower Trampoline 14 Here

You don’t have to worry about the built of the trampoline at all as this trampoline is made up of the best quality alloy steel. The Sportspower 14 trampoline uses galvanized high quality steel for constructing this trampoline with utmost safety in mind.

It has a total of 96 springs that can last for a long time. Also, the netting and the mat is completely resistant to UV rays. The mat is built with TenCate Permatron which is engineered in the USA, and has passed UV testing for about 5000 hours. Hence, this trampoline is perfect for using in the outdoors like backyard or lawn.

This Sportspower trampoline net 14ft is designed in such a way that it can hold up to 220 lbs. of weight at a time. Both kids and adults can use this trampoline. As well, it has a foam padding for jumping and bouncing.

With the patented T-weld legs design, it can offer you the perfect stability too. It also comes with a double-welded plate design offering enhanced stability and support.

• Netting and pad is resistant to UV rays
• Perfect for both kids and adults
• Offer great safety while bouncing
• Can deliver great stability
• Comes with extra padded mat for best experience

• Not meant for a large group of kids (only 2 to 3 kids)

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Sportspower Trampoline 14

sportspower trampoline review
Children absolutely love to jump around! Having a trampoline at home is the best way to add some fun, as well as, a bouncing workout in your kid’s daily activities. The best trampoline brand that you can buy for your kids, or even for the adults is the Sportspower Trampoline, as they are quite reliable and safe. It’s perfect for everyday use, as it provides great entertainment for both kids and adults.

Some of the reasons why you have to seriously consider the Sportspower trampolines are:

• Heavy-duty built
• Best-in-class stability
• The enclosure net provides a safe and secure area for play
• Consistent and amazing performance
• Made for different weight capacity
• Perfect bounce
• UV-resistant hardware

If you are interested in buying a Sportspower trampoline, you will have a lot of amazing options to choose from; Sportspower 14 trampoline, Sportspower My First Trampoline, Sportspower 12ft Trampoline, Sportspower 15′ Trampoline and more. With such a huge collection of trampolines to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.

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Overall, we believe the Sportspower brand is a wonderful choice for families looking to purchase a trampoline, regardless of their needs or size restrictions. Because of the product’s longevity, it should provide your children (and, cough, you) with many years of pleasant bouncing joy. Furthermore, the excellent safety features give you confidence that you will be able to securely enjoy your bouncing fun time.

As with any trampoline, it is necessary to inspect it on a regular basis to ensure that it is still in good working order. It’s also crucial to make sure that all of the safety elements are still functional and that there are no dangerous gaps or rough edges that could cause injury. Any broken parts should be replaced before use.

However, if you’re looking a small indoor trampoline for kids and toddlers, this post has a list to the best 15 Kids Indoor Trampoline.

Hopefully, this Sportspower Trampoline review have been handy and useful for your decision.