Sportspower My First Trampoline Review, Bounce Pro 7-Foot Reviews

In this simple Sportspower My First Trampoline review, we have compiled as much research, and included customers’ reviews to help you make the final decision on the children’s trampoline
Sportspower 7ft my first trampoline review

Brounce Pro My First Trampoline By Sportspower, a 7 foot trampoline with net is a popular kid’s trampoline. With this ‘My First Trampoline’ review, we’ve done a bit of research on the design and and durability of the My First Trampoline so you can  decide whether or not this children’s trampoline is suitable and safe for both toddlers and young kids.

Also, we’ve tried to address any possible questions, from ease of assembly, whether is can be used a kids indoor trampoline, is the Sportspower Trampoline light enough to move around and so forth.

By the way, I’ve referenced some reviews of the Sportspower My First Trampoline  from customers below.

Alternatively, if you already have decided and are just looking for a good deal, then:

My First Trampoline

My First Trampoline is recommended as a beginner trampoline for children aged 3 to 10. It is manufactured by Sportspower. The maximum weight is 100 pounds. Although there is no ladder, the trampoline frame is close to the ground, allowing small children to enter in and out without assistance from an adult. That’s a tremendous benefit for parents who wish to instill independence in their children (while still keeping an eye on them).

My First Trampoline Dimensions

When it is fully assembled, it measures 84″(W) by 73.5″(H). The jumping surface is recorded at 60″ across, and it is 12 to 18 inches from the ground. Which isn’t high. The shape of the trampoline, which includes the frame and the jumping mat is hexagonal. The enclosure net has three vertical arches which supports it upright. For more added stability, the Sportspower My First Trampoline includes six(6) legs.

Here’s Kim K’s Bounce Pro My First Trampoline Review

This is perfection. Bought this for my 2 year old grandson. Can’t get him off of it. Safe. Fun. Perfect size. Highly recommend. Great for motor skills. So much better that the smaller version with the bar. Had it shipped to Spokane WA. – Sam’s Club

Is Bounce Pro 7-Foot Trampoline Durable?

The 7Ft My First Trampoline is made of high-quality materials, and has a strong and sturdy design.

Other factors that contribute to the trampoline’s sturdy design:

  • Galvanized steel frame that resists rust
  • Galvanized steel springs with R-hooks
  • UV-protected jumping mat
  • Enclosure made of UV-resistant polythene mesh
  • Metal legs with moulded plastic casings
  • Steel archways
  • Spring cover with padding
  • Arches are of dense foam cushioning
  • It has mesh netting

A note about the galvanised steel frame. It is strong but light, allowing you to transport the trampoline after it’s been erected.

Many customers have indicated their My First Trampoline has kept up well in the heat and wind, although some choose to shelter it from the elements with a cover such as a tarp or a pop-up canopy.

In the winter, some parents bring the trampoline indoors, whilst others have dismantled it and stored it till the weather warms up again.

bounce pro my first trampoline review

The Assembly of Sportspower My First Trampoline

The customer response to the assembly has been divided.

Several of the My First Trampoline reviews have found the assembly process to be simple and uncomplicated, but it is critical to carefully follow the instructions. To avoid making time-consuming blunders, pay great attention to the diagrams given in the instruction manual.

Also, you should carefully examine the diagrams before and during assembly to ensure that the pre-drilled holes are pointing in the right direction.

Customers have complained about the pre-drilled holes not aligning up correctly during assembly. To fix this, some consumers have found that by drilling new holes solved the problem.

Even those who have struggled with installation are generally delighted with the outcome once the set up was completed.

In regards to the time needed to fully assemble the My First Trampoline, the average time required can take anywahere between 1 to 3 hours. It is highly recommended that 2 adults should be working on the assembly, especially when it comes to attaching the last springs, foam padding, and the netting.

When it comes to the tools and hardware, it is included in the trampoline assembly kit. However, you may extra DIY tools like the screwdriver, pliers, crescent wrench, or other simple equipment to have the trampoline securely set up.

My First Trampoline should be ready to use once the arches and the attached the safety netting are secured.

7Ft My First Trampoline Reviews : Amazon Customers

I bought this mostly for my 5 year old son but my 11 year boy enjoys more, he’s a big kid and he uses with no problem.  -  Tatiana
Some parts were missing my grandkids never got to play on it ! – Sandra
The screw holes are in the wrong spots. We can’t put it together completely. It’s a piece of crap. I want to get one that is made correctly so we can put it together. We were really excited to have this until we realized we can’t put it together completely. We followed the instructions and thought we might’ve messed up somewhere along the way, we undid it and tried in different ways to see if we could line up the holes and we were unable to do so. – Hanef
My grandson has been a jumper since birth. Got him this as a safe option for indoor use. There hasn’t been a day that he doesn’t spend at least an hour on it. – David Crew

Safety Features of the My First Trampoline

Sportspower My First Trampoline meets all ASTM (American Section of the International Association for Testing Materials) safety requirements.

Here are some notable safety features:

  • The springs are covered. Hence, the padded spring coverings protect little feet and hands from becoming pinched or imprisoned.
  • All significant metal pieces, including the arching poles, are covered in dense but soft foam padding.
  • Mesh netting enclosure: The mesh enclosure allows parents or caregivers to watch their children while they are jumping.
  • No gaps: The jumping mat and the spring cover are stitched together to prevent a potentially dangerous gap.
  • Spacious play area: The large play area allows children to jump without colliding with the metal arch supports.
  • Enclosure with zip. The zipper can be found on the mesh safety net. To keep youngsters from falling through the opening, you can manage the zipper from both inside and outside the netting enclosure. The zipper-pull is held in place by a plastic clip to prevent little fingers tampering with the zip.

Other Features:

Apart from the long-lasting construction and several safety features, there are also some notable features:

  • It has a versatile design: My First Trampoline can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Plastic legs: A durable molded plastic covers the metal legs, preventing scratches on hardwood floors.
  • Polygon shaped design: The hexagonal form with its blue-green highlights make for a colourful and pleasing design.
  • Nice tension: The enclosure netting has a nice, comfy feel. Even when children bounce into the mesh, it remains tight.
bounce pro my first trampoline reviews

My First Trampoline Box Kit

The trampoline comes in a single 72-pound box with dimensions of 41x14x6 inches. All of the necessary metal frame elements are included, as well as a jumping mat, springs, the legs, safety netting, foam pads to the spring cover.

A spring-loading tool, an instruction booklet, screws to the screw covers are also included with the set.

Before you start assembling the trampoline, we suggest setting out all of the assembly parts, hardware, and tools. Make sure the box contains everything you require. Some consumers have complained that their orders were missing some parts like screws to utility tools.

Here’s Bree’s review of Sportspower My First Trampoline

When putting together make sure all holes are aligned before putting screws in bc arches are hard to assemble if not. Make sure you follow directions and specific order when putting springs on. Overall my kids love it – Sam’s Club

My First Trampoline Bounce Quality

The combination of quality steel springs and a high-quality bounce mat makes it a gentle, smooth jumping experience for kids and toddlers.

However, you need to bare in mind that My First Trampoline (as the name suggests) is a beginner trampoline for kids aged 3 to 10. The mat is bouncy enough for small children, but older kids may find it too rigid.


It has 1-year warranty on the steel frame and jumping mat.

Few Factors To Consider

Some customers were caught out by the size of My First Trampoline. Please carefully measure your space before purchasing the trampoline to ensure its suitability. Also, check that you have enough overhead clearance if you are intending to place the trampoline indoors or outdoor with low-hanging branches. Although this trampoline is UV protected, it may dicolour under long-term sun exposure. to prevent it from happening, cover up the kids trampoline with a large tarp cover that is peg and secured to the ground. The instruction handbook is not without flaws. During the assembly process, pay close attention to the diagrams. Ensure all of the spring slots on the frame, including those on the joints, are facing upward. To safeguard your hands during assembly, we recommend wearing gloves. If you have have on wooded floors at home, some customers have suggested that the undersides of the plastic trampoline feet be fitted with padding to avoid scratching. This was highlighted in a few feedbacks. Because the enclosure safety net is not sewn directly to the blue spring cover, a small foot may accidentally fall through between the nett and pad. When done leaping for the day, ensure the zipper is fully zipped. When the trampoline is not in use, the zipper works well to keep the animals out.

My First Trampoline Reviews : Amazon Customers

The item is rusting in the corner joint pieces already in less than a month of being set up. otherwise it is great- just not sure how long it will last. – Stephanie LaBelle
Kids are constantly on the trampoline. In fact, due to the abundance of missing socks and shoes, my kids are not allowed to wear them outside if they are going on the trampoline at all. – Tatiana
I hired someone to assemble the trampoline – took him about 2 hours – all parts were included as well as instructions – he did comment that the screws were too short and probably would need replacing at some point. Otherwise, a great trampoline that my 3yo and 5yo granddaughters enjoy immensely – super exercise in the winter! I like the sturdy design and color better than the others – ordered this one after much research and reading reviews. Highly recommend! – Dianne, Coeur d’Alene, ID

My First Trampoline Review – Bottom Line

The Bounce Pro My First Trampoline by Sportspower is a great starting point for toddlers and young kids. It makes for a terrific children’s trampoline for youngsters aged 3 to 10.

This is a fantastic alternative if you’re hunting for a sturdy and reasonably priced indoor outdoor kids trampoline … for energetic kids.

Kids will love it.

The Sportspower My First Trampoline is strong, roomy, and spacious enough for a child to enjoy their play time. The safety net, spring cover, and foam padding provide the added safety, giving you the piece of mind that your little one is protected from potential falls, bumps and bruises.

In addition, the hexagonal jumping mat provides a right amount of springy bounce.

Although the assembly of the My First Trampoline might be time consuming, at times stressful, parents who persevere are usually pleased with the end outcome. A fun mini trampoline for kids. Hopefully, this simple, yet extensive My First Trampoline review has helped!

Sportspower My First Trampoline Reviews

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