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1. Little Tikes My First Trampoline

There are 4 Little Tikes mini trampoline listed here. From Little Tikes Light-Up 3-foot Trampoline with Folding Handle, Little Tikes 3 Trampoline, Little Tikes 7 Trampoline and the Little Tikes Climb And Slide Trampoline.

01. Little Tikes Light-Up 3-foot Trampoline with Folding Handle

How It Functions

The Little Tikes Light-Up 3-foot Trampoline is considered one of the best small trampoline for kids aged 3-6 years. If you have a child in this age group who loves to expend some energy, you may like to buy this trampoline for your kid. This 3-foot trampoline has a safety bar in the middle of the jumping mat. Your child holds onto it while jumping, giving your kid the needed support at all times.

The jumping surface is well calculated for toddlers and young kids. This trampoline is springless. It is made with elastic webbings instead of metal springs, so you don’t have to worry about your child coming off the edge of the padding or landing on a metal spring.

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The Little Tikes Light-Up 3′ Trampoline requires limited assembly. It’s easy to fold the handle and store away.

Made of nylon, this kid’s trampoline comes in multi-colors giving you more options. You can use it on any carpeted surface. You can also use them on hardwood floors or smoother surfaces using slip-proof feet connected to the bottom of the trampoline.

This Little Tikes Mini Trampoline also has LED lights with nine unique patterns which will need to be assembled.

Indoor Use Only

The Little Tikes Light-Up 3-foot Trampoline is designed for indoors only because it needs to be firmly balanced on a surface without slipping. Using it indoors protects your child from falling off because if you place it outdoors, it may slip off.

After all, the grass is slippery for the apparatus. This trampoline serves as a powerful energy burner when your kids can’t play outside. Using it indoors also ensures that you are more in control of the area, and you can easily make sure there are no clutters of toys around, which could cause the trampoline to fall.

Using the trampoline indoors also helps its durability as it will not be exposed to sunlight or rain, which can cause the trampoline to break and endanger your child’s safety.

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Age and Weight

Little Tikes Light-Up 3-foot Trampoline is designed for only one kid between 3 and 6 years. The weight of this trampoline is 15.27 pounds. It can carry the weight of a child within the age bracket easily.

Amazon Reviews

“This is great for an active toddler. My son is 19 months old he can barely reach the bar but he really enjoys this. It helped to get his energy out during the long winter months” – Verified Amazon Customer

“This is the best for parents and tots. This tuckers my little one OUT AND gives the beat sleep payoff for parents. Nevertheless, my son enjoys this all day long. It is very sturdy, too!” – CG

“Our grandson loves this Trampoline!!! Safety features are great and very sturdy. Assembly was easy.” – JO

“My grandson, now 2 1/2, just loves it. This is the ideal way for him to burn off some energy safely and he goes back to it over and over. I just wish the handle could fold down for easier storage.” – Diona F. McDaniels

“We were excited to have the package as it came like 6 days before its delivery as it was bought for a present to my son. But very disappointed when we saw the original package as obvious it was a return. Even though it was, I still opened it hoping it was okay. Everything looks new so we assembled it, and we found out the defect after setting up everything. It was the safety handle, the other side is crooked. Pictures attached, too much of a hassle to return it with the big box so we’re still thinking about it.” – Quennie L.

“My 3 year old neice is in love. It’s a wonderful way for her to have fun and use up all her extra energy!! It’s very well made and the lights are a lot of fun.” – TerraByte

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02. Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline 

How It Functions

Little Tikes 3 ft Trampoline is a toy that many children from 36 months to 6 years will enjoy a great deal. This cute childrens trampoline with handle is both lightweight and sturdy.

The handlebar is foam padded, and it has elastic bands instead of springs which makes it safe for your kid. The trampoline comes with an easy-to-follow manual that will guide you through setting it up.

The jumping mat and the bands and safety cover are already connected to the frame, so you don’t need to set these up. All you’re required to do is fold the frame and screw the legs. Then you attach the foam-padded crossbar with screws. You can do this alone in 15-30 minutes only.

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This exciting energy burner is designed to accommodate only one kid. It is easy to move around because it weighs 13 pounds. The body is made of plastic and metal. The surface area of Little Tikes 3 foot Trampoline is 3 feet in diameter, and the actual mat surface is 2 feet in diameter.

With this toddler trampoline, your child can easily hang onto the bar with no issues. It can support your kid’s weight comfortably. The legs of this trampoline are capped with a plastic foot which prevents it from slipping or ruining any hardwood floor.

Indoor Use Only

Little Tikes easy store 3-ft. Trampoline is designed for indoor use only. You can place it on a carpeted surface and use foams and cushioned materials around it for extra safety measures. So if you are not looking for an indoor trampoline, you should consider another option.

Age and Weight
Little Tikes easy store 3-ft trampoline is for kids aged 36 months to 6 years. It is meant for one child. The weight limit is 55 pounds. Going beyond this weight will tear the mat and compromise safety.

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Amazon Reviews

“Here are some minor modifications to address the most common complaints about this product. Most people complained that the handle bar cushion was too fragile. I bought tennis racket grip tape and wrapped it over the entire cushion, then secured at the ends with electrical tape (see images). Others complained that the legs were not secure and fell off after the threads wore out. I bought metal epoxy to weld all legs permanently onto the frame (see images).” – Matt in Seattle

“I don’t know how this trampoline gets such good ratings. The guard that goes around the sides to keep your kid from getting stuck never stays. On top of that the hand rail came off, a couple of times already (it’s only a month old), while my son was jumping on it! I have to keep tightening the screws but they look like they will soon be stripped. All the safety features are severely lacking. I reached out to the company, and they didn’t even care to get back to me.” – Enn

“We love our trampoline for our son. He has sensory issues that come along with being Autistic so this is perfect for him. We use it all throughout the day. We are still trying to work out the kinks as the handle is a little wobbly but probably customer error. Over all great product.” – MonkeeBumz

“Of all the things I’ve bought my son, this was definitely worth the money! He uses this every single day, probably 8-12 times each day! It really helps him burn off extra energy. I love that he can get a good workout in when I’m unable to take him for a walk or to the park, or on a rainy day.” – Kelly

“This trampoline is TERRIBLE. We’ve had it since xmas day (1.5 weeks ago) and the foam handle has already ripped in two spots. The bar cover that pads the metal rim comes off after a few moments of jumping. I have a 3 year old and a one year old and they have barely play with it.” – Momreads

“Our toddler has been rigorously using it for over a year now. Thousands of stomps, jumps, falls and friends doing the same later and it is still strong, sturdy and bouncier than ever. I find it to be sturdy and if things get a bit rattly its probably due for a bit of tightening which is totally normal with daily jumping. Have had it for a year and had to tighten it once no biggie” – Alex F

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03. Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline With Enclosure

How It Functions

The Little Tikes 7 foot Trampoline Trampoline is designed for outdoors and can withstand outdoor elements. It has a sturdy frame made of blow-molded plastic and steel. It has additional steel poles that support the polyethylene netting surrounding the bouncing pad. Plus, it has an enclosure net.

The springs are covered with a pad protector, which protects little feet if they move too close to the edge. Children have the freedom to jump high on this trampoline while having fun because of the 7-foot height.

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This trampoline is built for toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary school children. It is safe and comfortable for kids of this age group. The large 7-foot (2 meters) is enclosed with a bouncing area that is durable.

After it is assembled, Little Tikes 7 Trampoline with the netting stands about seven and a half feet high. It has a total jumping area of 21.65 square feet. The overall diameter is 7 feet 4 inches. The ground-to-jump surface height is 17 inches, making it easy for kids to climb it.

Many customers are happy about the quality netting and pad protectors.

However a few have complained about the zipper not holding up to use. The Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline can take up to 30 minutes to assembl,. and with the help of two persons, it can be moved from one location to another.

Age, Weight

This trampoline is for kids between 36 months and ten years. It has a weight limit of 100 pounds.

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Amazon Reviews

“I originally assembled the trampoline in my son’s room to replace a 5ft trampoline he previously had that fell apart after a month’s use. It took about an hour to put together while 9 months pregnant. This thing is massive…a lot bigger than I expected for the cheap price of $115. We decided to move it outside on our covered porch to prevent sun damage. After 4 months of daily use it still looks brand new.” – A. Richey

“What happens when your almost done with the assembly and you realize that the manufacturers screws do not fit the tube holes?! You figure it out and keep going. The holes in the horizontal tube for the cage frame are too small for thr self-locking screws (or the screws too big for the hole) Anyway, I was lucky enough to have some spare 3/4 inch screws that fit just right. I would’ve returned this product but the work to dissasemble it and ship it was too much. I’m never buying any product from this brand and recommend you DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!” Verified Amazon Customer

“My 3 yr old and 6 yr old love this. The reason for the 150 lb weight restriction is that the jumper could potentially hit the ground underneath with his rebound. (I think.) It is certainly sturdy enough for an adult, but would not advise due to the low clearance below. At first, the zipper worked great, but over time, the netting kind of slides back and makes it hard to zipper. I think a hook closure would be more efficient. (There is one hook which helps.) That is the only reason i gave it 4 stars instead of 5. Great purchase. I would buy it again.” AngePange

“5 star design for little jumpers. 0 star lasting quality. Started fading within a few weeks. Falling apart in less than a year. Trying to figure out how to dispose year 2. I think I remember the directions saying something bogus about covering or storing inside but who does that? Let alone has a space/door big enough for a trampoline.” Darlene

“I like that my toddler will be able to get in and out of this without difficulty. I gave it a 3 star on the value for money because I specifically bought it for my basement that is 7.5 feet tall and it would not quite assemble in the space. For the price tag I could have paid a few dollars more for a full 12 foot one for outside. Sadly will have to disassemble and take outside for the summer. Would love it if little Tikes would make a trampoline like this that will fit indoors. I’m sure my toddler will enjoy it this summer.” – Jocelyn

“Great trampoline, my 2 year old loves it. We installed it in our finished basement, took several adults about an hour, and instructions were fine. The only drawback is that entry point won’t close in any practical fashion. There is a zipper on the netting but it stretches so tight across the frame that it quickly becomes impossible to zip the door shut. A local daycare also has this trampoline with the same issue. We placed an ottoman in front just in case someone bounces out.” – Mike

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04. Little Tikes 7 Climb N Slide Trampoline

How It Functions

The Little Tikes 7 foot Climb n Slide trampoline with enclosure net offers greater fun for kids between 36 months and ten years. This hexagonal-shaped trampoline comes with a slide and climbing steps for extra activities for your kids. It is built to increase fun and excitement as it combines the play of climbing, sliding, and jumping into one great item.

Your kids can scramble up or down the climber, jump on the trampoline, and even, exit by sliding down (or, as most kids do, walk up) the slide. You could even play chase or tag with them. Or let the kids run and play on this 7′ kids trampoline. Many activities to be had.

The nice thing about the safety net, it has 2 zippers. One for entry, the other for exiting.

Now, if you do have a toddler, this Little Tikes trampoline with slide can act as a play pen. Add in a soft toy, a couple of those little-sized balls, and your little bub will be happy. But never takes your eyes off them.

Design of the Little Tikes Trampoline With Slide

The Little Tikes Climb ‘n Slide 7’ Trampoline is constructed for outdoor use only and is meant for one child. It has a two-zipper enclosure that offers protection for your child. Also, for added protection, a high-quality pad protector covers the safety springs, and all exposed metals are covered with safety foam. That’s good protection for your kids.

This Little Tikes trampoline with slide weighs 86 pounds, and the weight limit is 105 pounds.

Exceeding this weight could cause damage to the trampoline. If you experience difficulty setting it up, you can easily refer to the manual that comes with it for guidance … or even via Youtube. Two adults are required to assembled this 7′ kids trampoline. 

Amazon Reviews

“This was very easy to put together. I helped my husband with a few small things but he did it in just over an hour. We are really happy that our two year old can get in and out on his own. The slide is a but small for our 4 year old but it works and still, getting in and out alone is helpful. They’ve been on it all afternoon and it is still a hit. We are happy we bought it.

I do not see it working for a 10 year old. Probably not past 5 or 6. But there is room for two little kids to jump and play” Jenna W.

“This thing is awesome!!!!” Christie

“Such a great buy!!! And will grow with our kids who are almost 2 and a newborn (oldest loves it!) IF YOURS IS MISSING PARTS – Ours was also missing many parts but I contacted Little Tikes directly and they mailed us all the needed parts at no charge!” Alex Sundt

“Item arrived and the steps and the slide was broken. That’s the only reason I purchased this model. I wish I still had the boxes to return this.” Verified Amazon Customer

“My 2 year old loves her trampoline! Perfect for an active kid and parents who enjoy outdoor time!” Pat

2. Little Tikes Trampoline With Slide

There are 3  Little Tikes trampoline listed here. From Little Tikes Inflatable Jump ‘n Slide Bounce House, Little Tikes 7 Foot Climb N Slide Trampoline With Enclosure and Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide.

01. Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide & 3′ Trampoline

The Little Tikes Easy Store Large Play Slide offers easy steps for climbing a gentle slope and a broad base that gives your child stability. This playset is sold as a package : Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline with a 5 foot slide.

It provides children exciting bounces, thereby helping them burn off energy. It is designed for indoors only and meant for one child. The weight limit is 55 pounds, and self assembly is required.

This trampoline is safe for your child because the wide base and the locking support arm provide extra stability. The slide is 5 feet long, suitable for young children. Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide promotes body coordination and helps the child control his body boner. The sliding movement excites children a great deal.

Click Here For Little Tikes Slide And Little Tikes indoor Trampoline

Amazon Reviews

“Bought this for my 4-year-old after he outgrew the smaller version of this. I set it up by myself with the help of a YouTube video. It wasn’t easy but it was doable. Alas, he doesn’t play with it as much as I thought he would. It’s sturdy enough for me to go down it (also super painful, do not recommend). I’m sure the slide will be used more if he had someone else to play with on it.” Stardust1809

“While my kid is enjoying it, I’m not sure I can recommend it to others. I read some reviews that it was easy to put together. I had the opposite experience. The base took a lot of effort to click in, but the worst was there were no pre-drilled holes, even though the instructions clearly show them in the drawings. I used a drill to put in holes for the large pins, but it was difficult to get them perfectly lined up for the large pins. I don’t know if this is a common defect. If the item wasn’t so large and if it didn’t take so much effort to put together, it likely would have been on its way back as a return. If you are going to buy it, check for pre-drilled holes before you start putting it together and made the decision at that time.” Marko Stavric

“After reading other reviews on a bad set up with missing pieces I was preparing to set this up well before Xmas to make sure. I never got around to doing so and on December 23 my husband and I set it up very quickly no issues. Instructions are vague but it is pretty self explanatory just make sure the bottom base of the stair is facing the correct way, which we made the mistake of, looked at the Amazon picture and fixed our mistake easily enough.” Verified Amazon Customer

“Hubby and I put together in less than 10mins. I need need his strength to get the base into place. Very solid. Arrived in great condition and id highly recommend! Using indoors until the spring. No heat needed as others mentioned in their reviews, simple to slide the metal holders into place and away we play!” Taylor

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02. Little Tikes 7 Foot Climb N Slide Trampoline With Enclosure

03. Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline & Inflatable Jump ‘n Slide Bounce House with Heavy Duty Blower, Multicolor

How it works

With Little Tikes Inflatable Jump ‘n Slide Bounce House, your kids can jump, slide, and bounce. This trampoline is inflatable and comes with a heavy-duty blower. This fun, bouncy house has enough space for as many as three children, and the slide gives kids a lot of thrills. If you want to keep your kids active for hours, then this Little Tikes Trampoline set is worth a look.

The Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer inflates in 5 minutes, making it easy to use. It can fold compactly for easy storage. This trampoline is so durable that you can use it several times a year.

Click Here For More On The Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline & Inflatable Bounce House


This Little Tikes Inflatable Jump ‘n Slide Bounce House is designed to make it possible for children to play in the inflated house comfortably. The play area is 7 x 7 feet, giving them enough space to bounce and slide. The three walls are made of high-quality mesh netting. Your kids can play freely on this trampoline without falling out.

This mini trampoline can withstand a combined weight of 250 pounds with ease. However, there are two downsides to the Jump ‘n Slide.

First, it doesn’t have a sun cover.

Second, it is light so you’ll need to peg it securely to the ground for more stability. But, it is not recommended for use during windy days.

Little Tikes goes the extra mile of extending the inflatable slides into the two front pillars. The walls of the slide are integrated into the walls of the bouncer, preventing a gap between the edge of the bounce area and the ground. This small detail prevents accidents. Even if a kid tumbles out of the play area, the slide walls catch them and cushion the fall.

Click Here For More On The Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline & Inflatable Bounce House

Amazon Reviews

“My kid has an irrational fear of bouncy houses. Discovered this after buying it to surprise him on his birthday. He hasn’t stepped foot in it. I jumped on it once though. It’s pretty sweet. I’m fat and I did a flip and it didn’t break.” thnx

“My husband was not happy when I bought this; it didn’t take long for him to realize his mistake. (and once again declare that I am the most brilliant parent of all) We call this ‘the nap maker’ and occasionally ‘early bedtime’. We have twin 2.5 year olds and 5 year old, they are exhausting and have more energy then I ever remember having. This awesome toy levels the playing field for us, exhausts them, burns all that crazy energy… They roll out of it begging to goto sleep and that makes this worth every penny. Every. Single. Penny.” The Nap Maker

“As far as the product goes, kids love it! It’s well built and works great. Easily handles 3-5 toddlers.” B K

“My kids love this thing, and it’s a shame Little Tikes won’t stand behind their product. Purchased this in October, and by November after using it 6-8 times a seam has split in the slide/entrance area. Along with the seam ripping the “baffle” part of the slide/entrance that creates the tubes also seperated.” Nicholas G Agri

“My 1 star rating is purely based on customer service. We developed a tear in our bounce house within 2 weeks. It’s in a seam so we are unable to repair ourselves.” Danielle Mirisola

“So far so good. Bought this for our daughter for her 2nd birthday. Ran for 3 hours straight with multiple children playing on it the whole time. Worked great, the kids had a blast, the blower had no problems the whole time and nothing got wrecked. The slide worked great (was some of the kids favourite part) and we used an open box (Amazon of course) around the blower to help reduce the noise (worked great). Would definetly recommend to anyone at this point. Will update this review after it has been used more to see how it stands up.” Bruce

“My grandchildren are still loving this 8 months later. Postitive features: Great play value, promotes joint play with siblings, can be used alone for single children, works off their energy and is great exercise, fantastic for play dates, very durable. Drawbacks: It’s huge, so you need a big space, and a bit noisy as it has to keep running the whole time they play.” J. A. McLachlan

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In this category, only 1 Little Tikes Trampoline is listed here. The Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline With Slide And Net.

01. Little Tikes 7 Foot Climb N Slide Trampoline With Enclosure

Please refer to the section Little Tikes 7 Climb n Slide Trampoline, or the customer reviews below

Click Here For Customer Reviews Of The Little Tikes 7′ Climb ‘N Slide Trampoline

4. Little Tikes 7 Foot Climb N Slide Trampoline With Enclosure

In this category, only 2 Little Tikes Trampoline is listed here. The Little Tikes 7 Foot Climb n Slide Trampoline With Enclosure, and Little Tikes 7 ft Trampoline With Net

01. Little Tikes Climb And Slide Trampoline

Please refer to the revies above on the Little Tikes 7 Foot Climb n Slide  Trampoline above.
Click Here For Customer Reviews Of The Little Tikes 7′ Climb ‘N Slide Trampoline

02. Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline With Net

Please refer to the revies above on the Little Tikes 7 Ft Trampoline With Net above.

Click Here For More Reviews Of The Little Tikes 7ft Trampoline With Enclosure

5. Little Tikes Mega 10-Foot Trampoline

In this category, only 1 Little Tikes Trampoline is listed here. The Little Tikes Trampoline 10.

01. Little Tikes Mega 10 Foot Trampoline

Little Tikes 10 Foot Trampoline with enclosure net has a large 10-foot bouncing area that offers your children greater space for play. It is designed for outdoors, and the bouncing area is extra springy.

Your children are well protected by the safety netting that surrounds the trampoline. The posts are covered in high-density foam with plastic tops, giving extra protection.

This trampoline is built with extra buckles and a heavy-duty zipper that add stability to the safety netting. You will find the entrance door convenient for kids to go in and out.

Little Tikes Mega 10Ft Trampoline weighs 92.4 pounds, making it sturdy and firm. The company says it is meant for one child and children between 6 and 14 years. This trampoline has a weight limit of 220 pounds.

The carton size is 53.75’L x 18.25’W x 12.75’H. With this 10 foot trampoline, your kid can jump higher and better.

Click Here For More On The Little Tikes Mega 10-Foot Trampoline

Amazon Reviews

“It was missing some hardware and one of the pole caps when it arrived. I called little tikes customer support (who were great!) and they’re sending them to me for no charge. The thing that is upsetting is that this was my children’s Christmas gift and they can’t play on it until the parts are received which will take 7-10 business days.” Karen P.

“This is an awesome size trampoline! Kids love it!” Alli

“Ordered this in January for my daughters birthday gift. This it how it arrived. Wasn’t pleased AT ALL to pay 180.00 for something and have it arrive like this. We had to put it together us 25 degree weather to make sure all the parts were there because the return policy only gave 2 weeks to be able to return.” Cayla

“Very disappointed with the trampoline” Caryl C.

“Easy to assemble took about an hour with two people. Very sturdy and safe my 4 kids love it. I even jump with them!” User56795

“Good Quality. Great for the kids.” Larry K Raynes

Click Here For More Reviews Of The Little Tikes Mega 10-Foot Trampoline

6. Little Tikes Mega 15 Trampoline

In this category, only 1 Little Tikes Trampoline is listed here. The Little Tikes 15 ft Trampoline.

01. Little Tikes Mega 15 Ft Trampoline

Little Tikes 15 ft trampoline comes in a variety of colors and it is made of plastic and metal which are padded with foam for safety reasons. This 15 Foot trampoline with enclosure net has enough bounced area for your kids and it is made strictly for outdoor use.

This round-shaped trampoline is enclosed with netting that promotes safety and comfort. It has a heavy-duty zipper with buddes for additional stability while jumping.

The high-density foam and plastic top fitting protect the safety poles so you don t have to worry about your child getting injured.

This high quality trampoline is not designed for children below three years. The large bouncing area is extra springy, adding to the fun. With this trampoline, your children will have the chance to exercise more freely. This trampoline weighs 171.5 pounds, making it sturdy and well-rooted.

Click Here For The Little Tikes Mega 15 Trampoline With Net

Amazon Reviews

“A little wind caught it and blew it a few feet and it broke. My grandkids had it up for about 3 weeks. Very frustrated that it was not durable at all!!” Verfied Amazon Customer

“Very tuff. Great size. Grandkids love it. Weathered a windstorm well and was shipped fast and as claimed.” Melissa

“This trampoline is absolute trash. There are much more sturdy, better quality options at better prices. I would return if it wasn’t half built.” Kristin M. McNally

“Trampoline was pretty easy to assemble. I was able to completely assemble it by myself. Two of my kids “helped” 😂. Everything seems to be made of very good quality materials. You definitely don’t realize how big it’s going to be until it’s finally up and in front of you. The kids love it!” Amber & Brandon Denise

Click Here For The Little Tikes Mega 15 Trampoline With Enclosure

little tikes trampoline with slide
We often want to give our kids toys that can keep them busy. Without question, kids have lots of energy to expend, and naturally, they find ways to burn them off. One way to keep kids entertained is to get a mini trampoline. Not only are there small enough to fit in a home, the mini trampolines come with safety features to keep kids safe.  One such company that has a line of indoor kids trampoline is Little Tikes. Not only does the company produce quality trampolines, it will keep children busy and active.

Jumping up and down on these mini toddler trampolines will give kids and toddlers joy, and while they’re playing, you can focus on other pressing activities.

Health Benefits of Little Tikes Trampolines

Little Tikes Trampolines have lots of health benefits for your kids. They help to promote your child’s health through cardiovascular exercise. They help kids burn off energy, thus improving your child’s health.

Playing with Little Tikes Trampolines helps develop the muscular structures of the hands and legs thereby helping your child be healthier and stronger.

Holding the bars of some of the Little Tikes Trampoline and jumping on them will help your child learn body coordination. The body balance your child acquires with these trampolines will help your child’s motor skills.

Little Tikes Trampolines increase both body fitness and help children to develop balance skills.


Little Tikes Trampolines are designed with safety in mind. They are safe for kids within the specified age groups. The age specifications should be adhered to. The trampolines are well padded, and some have protective netting around them.

Keep in mind that the safety is always the key when it comes to the safety of toddlers and older. So, ensure you have the age of your child before you can make an arrangement for them.


You can purchase Little Tikes Trampolines via Amazon online. Their prices vary depending on the type of Little Tikes Trampoline you want to go for. Always stick to a budget and to your preferences.

Parental Guidance

You should attend to your young kids while they use Little Tikes Trampolines or any trampoline. Please don’t leave them on their own while they use it because extreme bouncing could throw them off the trampoline in some cases. Even if the trampoline does have an enclosure net, it is recommended that parents do keep a close eye on their young ones.

If a mini trampoline does not have an enclosure net, make sure you surround the indoor Little Tikes Trampolines with cushioned materials or foams to lessen the impact of any fall. After use, fold and store away.

Little Tikes Warranty

All Little Tikes trampoline comes with a one year warranty. You will require proof of purchase and a product code.

However, the trampoline ought to be maintained and handled in the way that the manufacturer mentioned on the instructions. Please read the terms and conditions of the warranty. As such, the company will be unable to cover scratches, abuse, accident from defects such as normal abuse and so on.

As with any review will tell you, not every trampoline will suit your child. And no trampoline is perfect, not even the best trampoline for kids you find will not be perfect too. Because of this, I recommend you thoroughly research and take into account several factors from the design, the portability, size of the actual trampoline, whether it will be used indoor, outdoor or both, the type of springs used to the budget.

As well, for the safety of your young one, consider having a handle-bar or an enclosure net with the trampoline. Plus, review the weight limit because it has to be able to handle the weight of your child.

Lastly, while you review the prices and the types of trampolines available, do not compromise the safety, comfort and quality. Your child needs all of these while playing on any Little Tikes Trampoline.