15 Kids Trampoline Indoor -Mini to Small Trampolines For Toddler

Finding the most suitable indoor trampoline for kids and toddlers can be time consuming. There’s so many things to consider in an indoor kids trampoline; from the safety aspect, the product itself, age suitability and to the budget. Obviously, as a parent or someone looking to buy a mini trampoline for a child, you want it to be long lasting, entertaining and safe.

On this post here, we’ve done some research and have broken down 15 of the best kids trampoline indoor into 2 parts: 10 indoor trampoline for kids and 5 indoor trampoline for toddlers. All are reasonably priced. As well, the mini kids trampoline listed are not ordered in any particular preference (but … for your quick reference, we have included the top 3 indoor mini trampolines) . As well, we have included some Amazon customer reviews (both good and bad) of the following small trampoline for kids.

Quick Picks – Top 3 Best Indoor Mini Trampoline For Kids

From our research, here’s a quick pick of the top 3 kids trampoline for parents to consider.

Best Kids Mini Trampoline With Handle : Little Tikes 3′ Kids Trampoline

Best Small Indoor Trampoline With Net : Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net

Best Kids Indoor Trampoline With Slide : Little Tikes Climb And Slide Trampoline

10 Best Indoor Trampoline For Kids

01. Wamkos 36″ Dinosaur Mini Trampoline for Kids Indoor With Handle Bar

kids trampoline indoor

The Wamkos 36″ Dinosaur is a good choice for younger kids (age 3+) in elementary school. This cute children’s trampoline with a handle will help kids get on and off the trampoline. Something of note, it has a strong frame that comes with 30 of rust-resistant bungee loops which allows for flexible tension settings and safety. When you think about it, it is fantastic for after school fun and exercise. Plus, you can take it outdoors for more fun.

Children will enjoy the colorful design of the dinosaur, which is perfect for little ones that want to have fun while they jump. This mini indoor trampoline is also easy to assemble and takedown, which is a great space saver for home use.

According to some customer reviews found on Amazon, the bounce won’t be as high as the spring trampolines, but will be safer for the little fingers.

As a bonus it comes with a two-year warranty, plus a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Amazon Reviews

“I bought this trampoline for my three sons and the moment we assembled it, they started jumping on it and didn’t stop for three days lol They absolutely love it. It’s very stable and easy to move around.” – air.bear

“My kids love jumping on the Wamkos trampoline. It’s a pretty decent trampoline with good stiffness and rebound.” – Pez D Spencer

Assembly and installation were pretty easy. I needed a 2nd person to get the trampoline unfolded, but it is tight and sturdy. My only negative is that for a younger child who is a bit wild on the trampoline you need to supervise as they can make it wobble a bit.” – Kris

“Actually my 2years and 10 months son likes this little trampoline very much, it is easy to be assembled. But the issue is three pieces of hand bars can’t be assembled into the appropriate point, leaving a gap, each connection has same problem, I am worrying it will be apart while the baby playing on some day.” – Amazon Customer

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02. Skywalker 48 Inch Kids Indoor Trampoline With Handle And Enclosure Net

indoor trampoline for kids

This 48-inch trampoline is great for kids aged 6-12. It comes with a 360 degree circular handlebar and enclosure net to make jumping safer. If you are looking for a trampoline that will last this product might be for you. The Skywalker trampoline is made of heavy-duty PVC material, and it is designed for home indoor use only.

A nice thing of note, for added protection, this kids indoor trampoline uses stretch bands (not springs). The only downside to this kids trampoline, it can be difficult to assemble. But, when you have an astronaut themed jumping mat, you will surely grab the attention of the kids. The nice part about this small kids trampoline with net, you have a choice of 40 inch, 58 inch and 60 inch sized indoor trampoline.

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Amazon Reviews

“Good product, my daughter loves it. But it was difficult assembling the whole thing. I have blisters on my palm! Watching YouTube vidio is a must while assembling!!!!” – Mel

“The hardest part was lining up the individual spring/band loops as the netting and entrance is tied to the whole deal. Once put together it’s a great trampoline. It’s a bit light and will bounce around if on a slippery flooring.” – John Chow

“Looks amazing, just got it today no idea how long it will last but i am extremely unhappy that these st*pid sound effects don’t have a volume button or switch the extremely loud sound effects has scared my son from using it already and he just got it as a bday gift” – Tanisha Larson

“Awesome trampoline. Great way for the kids to burn off energy. I didn’t find it as difficult putting it together as others had described. Perhaps it was because i used a impact driver rather than the old-school screw driver supplied. Also watch the YouTube video as it gives better instructions. I do feel like the padding isn’t the strongest and will one day need to be replaced. But overall one of the better purchases i have made for my children in the past while.” – Amazon Customer

Click Here For More Customer Reviews Of The Skywalker Trampolines Space Explorer Mini Trampoline

03. Skywalker Trampolines 60″ Mini Trampoline With Net

kids indoor trampoline

Another great kids trampoline with net, this is a bigger sized Skywalker trampoline, especially for those who want to protect their kids from the dangers of a trampoline. Considered as one of the best indoor trampoline for kids, it offers an enclosure net that can be adjusted as your child grows, and it has a large space to jump around and burn energy. Unlike the 48 inch Skywalker mini trampoline, it has a different bounce pad pattern, starfish, whale and dolphin.

The enclosure also has a 360° handle that features netting designed to help prevent falls. It’s made with PVC and doesn’t require any tools to assemble, so it’s easy for you to set up and get started right away. Plus, to eliminate gaps within the bounce pad, the netting is sewn to the jump mat.

Lastly, for added safety, this mini indoor trampoline uses bungees, not springs, around the outside circumference of the net.

If you want to host a birthday party,  this kids indoor trampoline will be a huge hit.

The drawback, assembly can be quite challenging. From the customer reviews, it is recommended that you have 2 people work on putting together this fantastic kid’s trampoline.

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Amazon Reviews

“Awesome trampoline with some frustrating steps putting it together” – MM2

“Would I recommend this trampoline at a lower price point? Absolutely. What I paid was ridiculous for the value. If it goes on sale between $60-$80 it would be worth while. Anything more than that, and you are better off with a more simple design.” – Ivar

“My 2 year old jumping bean loves this Tramp!” – Salty84

“Pretty decent little trampoline. Would definitely say this is for indoor use only. Nice addition to our playroom. I was concerned that it wouldn’t be as bouncy without springs but the bungees give a nice bounce.” – DM

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04. SZBOB Outdoor Indoor Small Trampoline for Kids

SZBOB kids trampoline indoor outdoor

The SZBOB Indoor Outdoor Trampoline is a great choice for kids aged 3-8. It measures 55 inches in diameter, making it perfect for little ones.  Like the Skywalker, this indoor trampoline for kids also sports an enclosure net for added safety.

As well, SZBOB’s solid structure makes it safe for children, or even your baby, to maximize their enjoyment on the trampoline. Here, the trampoline utilizes a galvanized steel frame with six balanced arc tubes, foot tubes, and contact points to ensure stability for the jumping zone. It’s also designed to reduce movement or frame noise between sections while minimizing wear and tear.

This kids trampoline also comes with a zipper carry bag, so you can easily take it with you on the go. And unlike other small indoor trampoline which uses stretch bands, the SZBOB features heavy duty steel spring, which is totally covered from sight and touch of little fingers. Its high strength springs also ensure that the trampoline can provide sufficient elasticity and protection all in one. Alongside its non-slip and anti-abrasion design you can be assured that this trampoline will keep its resistance even alter many years. It’s also relatively easy to assemble and clean.

The only downside to this trampoline is that it’s made of PVC material, making bouncing less forgiving.

SZBOB Indoor Kids Trampoline can only support a maximum weight capacity of 110 lbs for kids

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Amazon Reviews

“This is perfect for my three year old. He loves to jump around so this is what he needs. Package arrived on time and it was easy to assemble” – Amitkumar Patel

“The instructions were basically look at the pictures and one of the legs was crooked which made it a little wobbly. Our 2 1/2 granddaughter who weighs 32 pounds jumped on it the first day and we had to stand around it as the yellow pole guards popped off all the time leaving the metal pole tops exposed and the elastic loops holding the sides up ripped. The zipper broke on the opening the second day. Very disappointing.” – Micheff

“Good for 2 small toddler or one regular kid.” – Runa Do

“Bought this item for my daughter whom is 2 and she loves to jump.  She absolutely loves it, jumps on it everyday” – Brittany Moran

Click Here For More Customer Reviews Of The SZBOB Indoor Outdoor Small Trampoline for Kids with Built-in Zipper

05. Joonly Mini 36-Inch Kids Trampoline Indoor With Handle Bar

joonly trampoline kids indoor

The Joonly mini 36-inch children’s trampoline is a great choice for kids starting in the game of trampolining. It has both an upper and lower bouncing area so your child can bounce with joy. The cushioning around the jumping area is also padded, so jumping on consistently is safe. And it has planet and universe patterns around the jumping mat. So if your kids are into astronomy, then this is a great indoor outdoor trampoline.

Plus, this small indoor trampoline comes with a handrail that is adjustable in height.  You also don’t have to worry about setting it up since assembling takes less than ten minutes. It’s also convenient for storing or outdoor use, all without the need for other tools.  It’s easy to assemble and folds up neatly for easy storage.

Click Here For The Joonly 36 Inch Folding Toddler Trampoline Indoor Outdoor With Adjustable Handle

Amazon Reviews

“Very sturdy and easy to put together. Bought for my son who is ASD and almost 5. Perfect little trampoline for indoors. Very happy” – Natalie Lucci

“I bought this yesterday and got it today. The instructions are very vague, I recommend looking up a video to make it simpler to put together. Doesn’t seem easy to fold which was why I got it so I’m mostly disappointed about that. Also I ordered the purple one and got the mint blue cover which is disappointing as well. For the price I would have expected better, but it’s not the worst.” – Kayla Joice

“Trampoline was easy and quick to assemble. It’s durable and solid. Handle is an adjustable height for growing children. They love it!!” – Amazon Customer

“Very nice trampoline, sturdy and quiet. My son uses it every day when outdoor activities are limited.” – Pablo

Click Here For More Customer Reviews Of Joonly 36 Inch Folding Kids Trampoline Indoor Outdoor With Adjustable Handle

06. Sportspower 7Ft My First Indoor Trampoline

sportspower my first trampoline

The Sportspower My First Trampoline is an excellent choice for children looking for their first trampoline. This trampoline is made with high quality, sturdy material, and it has a maximum weight limit of 100 pounds.

This 7-foot trampoline features an enclosure net and hexagon jumping mat. It’s low off the ground, which makes it safe for the kids.

The Sportspower My First trampoline can be easily moved between indoor and outdoor. And it’s fun for the kids. However, some comments from users have indicated that the assembly is not straightforward!

Click Here For More On The Sportspower Bounce Pro 7′ My First Trampoline

Amazon Reviews

“Grandkids and friends have a great time” – Karen Kuenzi

“Works perfect for my three boys. Fits perfectly inside my house” – Zackary

“Absolutely frustrating to put together. Nothing fit the way it should have. Pieces had to be forced together. Took several hours and two adults to get it done. I’m so very disappointed.” – Tonia JeanJordan

“Very sturdy, high quality product.” – Debbie McElroy

Click Here For More Customer Reviews of The Sportspower Bounce Pro 7′ My First Trampoline

More Sportspower Trampolines

Sportspower Trampoline Review : Here, you’ll find a shortlist to 6 of the best Sportspower Trampolines, from 12ft, 14ft to Sportspower 15ft Trampoline; that will suit young kids to older children.

07. ROANUDE Indoor Kids Trampoline, 4.5FT With Enclosure Net and Safety Mat

roanude kids trampoline

The ROANUDE Kids Trampoline, 4.5FT Indoor Outdoor set is an excellent choice, if you are looking for a mini trampoline that is quiet, stable and will keep your little one entertained for hours.

This trampoline comes with a safety net enclosure to keep them safe as they bounce around. As well, it is designed specifically for kids, so there is no need to worry about hurting themselves or others.

The frame of this trampoline is made from high-quality steel, and it has a durable mat on the bottom. The mat also doubles as a jumping area before kids can get on the trampoline itself. This mat has been designed to be soft but resistant to tears and ripping. It also has a non-slip design so that kids can have fun without worrying about falling off of their toys.

The ROANUDE is also easy to assemble and features a zipper closure and handles for transportation. For sure, it is great for toddlers between 3-8 years old and weighs up to 44 pounds.

According to popularity ratings, there are springs underneath this trampoline, which make it more comfortable than other options available on the market today.

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Amazon Reviews

“I finally bought a trampoline for my children. In fact, she chose it herself! She said she likes pink, yellow, and green to look good! Finally there is something for them to play in the backyard, mainly they like to jump around and it’s fun!” – Kevin

“Awesome little trampoline for the price. However, it would have been nice if they could have added a zipper for the entrance. My two year old almost fell out of it. As the there’s only one velcro strap and it’s in the center of the entrance.” – Tim

“As far as assembly, it wasn’t too bad! However, as my son has seldom used it over the past 6 months, we’ve noticed some design flaws. There are no handles/grab bars for toddler “jumpers”, making it difficult for little ones to get the hang of it.” – Erin Fox

“My daughter wanted this for her twins. They have been having a great time. There is plenty of room for the girls to race around inside as well as jumping. I love spending time watching them playing.” – Marion Sylvia

Click Here For More Customer Reviews of The ROANUDE Kids Trampoline, 4.5 FT Indoor Outdoor with Enclosure Net

08. Little Tikes Climb And Slide Trampoline

Little Tikes kids trampoline with slide

If your child is anything like mine, he or she will love this Little Tikes Trampoline Climb N Slide. It’s basically a large ‘stair’ that they can either climb up or slide down, but the best part is that it takes up very little space in your home. Plus it’s easy to put together!

Other safety features include a 2 zipper netting, spring pads and it has safety foam which covers all exposed metal.

You just snap some of the pieces together with ease, and you’re ready to go. Best of all, it’s inflatable so there are no sharp edges anywhere on this fun crawling equipment. If you have an infant at home, this would be great for him or her as well because it doubles as a playpen. Plus, there are step handles on each side so your child can hold on to them while learning how to climb.

A fantastic mini trampoline for kids and suitable for ages 3 to 10 years of age. Alternatively, here are other Little Tikes Mini Trampoline which offers a variation of  indoor trampoline for kids.

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Amazon Reviews

“My kids love this! Very safe, and small enough to crawl up for the younger ones! I am very happy with my purchase pretty easy to install two people made it easier. Keeps them busy playing in the backyard and they have so much fun!!!” – Lizer

“We bought this for our now 15month old because it’s hard to take her to the playground with so many older kids running around and parents not wearing masks. Trying to be extra careful during this pandemic. Anyhow, she loves it.” – Michelle Ko

“I set this trampoline up in my living room for my grandkids….they have had so much fun with it since the weather has been raining… it’s kept them busy…great buy” – Cherice Adams

“Item arrived and the steps and the slide was broken. That’s the only reason I purchased this model. I wish I still had the boxes to return this.” – Anonymous

“My 2 year old loves her trampoline! Perfect for an active kid and parents who enjoy outdoor time!” – Pat

Click Here For More Customer Reviews On The Little Tikes 7′ Climb ‘N Slide Trampoline

09. VGMiu 60″ Indoor Trampoline for Kids With Basketball Hoop, Safety Enclosure

vgmiu little kids trampoline indoor

This is a sturdy 5ft indoor trampoline for kids, who are looking to get active. It is also great because it includes a basketball hoop, making it even more fun.

Plus, it includes 10 pit balls for your little tikes to play with, which makes it a really fun, mini trampoline for kids.

The VGMiu 60″ kids trampoline with net is ideal for children between 3-8 years old. The small size makes it perfect for smaller kids who are just starting or are not ready to jump on the big ones yet. The netting also provides added safety to give you a peace of mind when your child is jumping around. As well, in order to avoid having little fingers or legs trapped in any gap, the springs are totally covered by padding.

For added stability, this 5ft indoor outdoor trampoline have 3 rust proof U-shaped steel legs and comes with big suction cups.

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Amazon Reviews

“Bought this for my grandkids. Easy to put together and small enough to put in their bedroom if the weather is bad. Easy to move from outside to indoors. My babies love this and use it everyday.” – Deanna McWaters

“My grandbaby LOVES IT !!” – Amazon Customer

“It’s super hard to assemble by yourself. You will definitely need help, especially when it comes to attaching the springs! My back is still hurting” – Eva

“Well this trampoline lived up to the reviews its gotten my 2 year old son loved it very safe net inside springs amazing delivered in one day prime in Klamath Falls, Oregon in the middle of nowhere best of everything for us thank you for a great product!!!!!” – Samuel Rank

“Not sturdy at all. Supposed to hold up to 240lbs??! Lol. Doesn’t come with screws for the basketball hoop. Has a weird rabbit painted on the tarp. Instructions are jank. Not detailed and miss some steps. Netting instructions were non existent.” – Joyo Knighthawk

Click Here For More Customer Reviews On This 60″ Indoor Trampoline for Kids 5 FT with Durable Net

10. Aseem 60″ Indoor Outdoor Trampoline for Kids

aseem kids trampoline indoor

For great safety features, the Aseem 5ft mini trampoline for kids is a good one for small children, and up to the age of 8 years. And we’ve rated it as the best baby trampoline with net for kids 1 to 5 years of age.

The netting makes sure that the child jumps in the center and not on the sides. Also, it comes with a basketball hoop, which is a nice feature for more added fun. It’s a nice-sized indoor outdoor trampoline for kids to have a lot of fun. For added stability, its 3 u-shaped feet has suction cups, which can be purchased via Amazon.

This is a great choice if you are looking for an indoor outdoor mini trampoline with safety net, and has multi play activities. It has a jump limit of 200lbs. The enclosure net will keep your kids safe, while the easy assembly makes it so you don’t have to put together any pieces.

Click Here For More On The Aseem 60″ KIds Trampoline With Net

Amazon Reviews

“Punctual delivery, high quality materials, very easy to assemble. I strongly suggest that we put it indoors or outdoors, and we set it up in the living room, where the kids can jump at any time, and the whole living room has been filled with laughter since we had this trampoline. Thank you for providing an amazing product that is fun and healthy for children.” – Aiden

“My granddaughter who is two years old loves this trampoline. Not only does she have fun just simply jumping she will also go inside and lay down and watch her YouTube kids shows on her iPad. ” – Angelia Crowder

“All around amazing product, hardware all came with 1 extra piece (i.e. spring, bolt, bolt nut, plastic spacer, metal spacer) only recommendation is a revamp of the instruction booklet with more details is needed.” – Chase & Danii Nichols

“The trampoline arrived very fast. Was very easy to put together and the perfect size for my sons room. Even though its small its still big enough for my 2 yr old and 6 yr old to jump together.” – Tatiana Tucker

“The padding is not thick enough and the children hurt their legs getting in and out. The screws that hold the poles for netting protrude to the other side under the jumping area and are sharp and screw caps are not include. If a child crawl under they will be ripped up by the screws, I will have to put duct tape or improvise something to protect my grandchildren.” – Debbie Prude

Click Here For More Reviews On The Aseem 60″ Kid’s Trampoline With Net

5 Best Trampoline For Toddlers

01. Galt Nursery Tortoise Trampoline

glat nursery trampoline

The first small indoor trampoline for toddlers (from the age of 12 months) that we’re sharing is the Galt Nursery tortoise trampoline! This unit is designed specifically to help your child develop his or her motor skills while improving their concentration, balance, coordination and physical strength. This particular trampoline is made of a soft, responsive foam core surrounded by a durable vinyl cover that makes the unit both comfortable and safe for your child to use.

This fun toddler trampoline with handle comes in the shape of a tortoise and is made to look like its coming right out of its shell. It has an easy-to-remove safety padding cover for washing, non-slip fabric pads on the feet so it stays put wherever you place it and can hold up to 44 pounds. Simply, one of the best toddler trampoline.

It’s a nice trampoline for 1 year olds, 2 year olds, and 3 year olds. Note, this toddler trampoline does not come with a warranty.

Click Here For The Galt Toys, Nursery Trampoline – Turtle, Trampolines for Kids, Ages 1 Year Plus

Amazon Reviews

“We’re quite happy with this trampoline and the excitement it creates for our daughter. We definitely recommend it.” – Larissa

“Overall satisfied with the quality but not happy about the way the center of gravity is wonky and a little guy in the 5th growth percentile can get this thing to lift two metal feet off the ground. Needs very close supervision (literally holding onto the thing) to use safely.” – Kelly

“My 20 month old loves to jump. This is easy for her to get on and off by herself. Its sturdy and I like that it doesn’t have springs to pinch her and the blue center is attached to the green padding around it so her feet cant slip underneath. Assembly took about 15 min.” – Patricia

“My twins absolutely love this trampoline and are on it all the time. The only negative is that they like to chew the foam handles so it’s now missing a few bits, understandably because my kids are still very young but foam covered in a PVC cover would have been just as safe and less destructible” – Ryan Shone

Click here For More Customer Reviews Of The Galt Toys, Nursery Toddler Trampoline

02. Avenor 36″ Top Mini Toddler Indoor Trampoline With Handle

avenor indoor kids trampoline with handle

At around $60, this mini indoor trampoline comes with a handle that allows your child to easily get on and off of it without straining his or her back (which means fewer trips to the chiropractor). Its handle is padded too, so kids will be comfortable using it.

Measuring 36 inches in diameter, this small indoor trampoline comes with a handle (it also has anti-vibrant sturdy legs). It’s great for small indoor spaces because it folds up, allowing you to easily store it away when it’s not being used.

It can hold up to 150 pounds (age 2 years plus) and features a safety net that surrounds the entire rim of the trampoline so your child won’t fall off or hurt themselves while jumping. As well, this mini indoor trampoline also has padded spring cover, which helps to prevent fingers getting pinched or worse.

Click Here For The Avenor 36″ Toddler Trampoline With Handle

Amazon Reviews

“Overall, we bought this for our granddaughter because she loves jumping and bouncing. She is beyond pleased with it and it has become an every day staple activity for her when she spends time at our place! It has even help her improve her jumping skills when she’s playing around the house or outdoors. I HIGHLY recommend this trampoline if you’re looking for one for the child in your life who loves to bounce!” – Kat Miler

“First off, my son is only 18 months old, but LOVES this trampoline. He was wanting to crawl all over it as I was trying to assemble it because he was so excited. I was wanting something to keep him active indoors and help wear out some of his toddler energy. It’s been great for that!” – Jennifer Laha

“Dad tested, kid approved! My boy loves this tramp, first thing he wants to do in the morning is “jump, jump! Love the transition having the handle for now and remove it later on.” – Ronnie Wardleigh

“My son is only 2, but he loves to jump and particularly all over our lounge – it was an easy choice to buy him a toddler trampoline for his 2nd birthday.” – Michael D

Click here For More Customer Reviews Of The Avenor 36″ Toddler Trampoline With Handle

03. BCAN 36″ Mini Folding Toddler Trampoline With Handle

bcan mini kids trampoline

At around $90 plus, this small indoor trampoline is a great way for your child to burn off some excess energy in the home without running around like a maniac.

The handlebar, which comes in three colors – Blue, Green and Pink,  allows children to use it safely and prevents them from falling off when they get going too fast. Plus, the mini trampoline can easily folded and stored away.

If you have more than one kid using it, you won’t have any problems either because each kid can jump at their own pace without disrupting anyone else (and its portable). The Bcan mini indoor trampoline can hold a jumping load of 99lbs and a standing load of 220lbs. Perfect for kids of ages 3 to 6.

Click Here For More On The BCAN 36” Mini Folding Toddler Trampoline With Handle

Amazon Reviews

“Our 2yo granddaughter loves this and uses it daily. It was easy to take apart for transport to our son’s home for her to use. If you have children in your family who benefit from the sensory impact gained by trampoline jumping, this is a good choice.” – docmom

“We had this trampoline for several days and it has been a huge help for my sons gross motor activity during COVID, we don’t feel comfortable having him in the playgrounds all the time and this for sure helped” – L

“My 34 pound 3 year old has been jumping on it all day and I’ve been paying close attention to the stability – so far so good. It comes with extra washers to put inside the feet to level it if it’s uneven on your floor. It’s light enough that I’ve been able to move it from room to room but not so light that I’m afraid she’s going to tip it over. Highly recommend if you’re unsure which trampoline to buy!” – John B

“Sturdy but not that convenient to collapse” – Mother Nature

Click Here For More Reviews Of The BCAN 36” Toddler Trampoline With Handle

04. Fold & Go Childrens Trampoline (TM)

fold & go kids first trampoline

The Fold & Go trampoline is the perfect indoor recreational toy for children because its both fun and educational at the same time. It’s easy to assemble and will take you less than 5 minutes to set it up, making it one of the best toddler trampoline.

For example, when your child hops around on it, they’re strengthening their legs and improving their balance (which is good for sports). Plus, its round design will help to develop your child’s core muscles which are needed for coordination.

Another great thing about this indoor mini trampoline for kids is that you can fold it up like a book to store away until the next time you need it. Just pop it open when you do.

According to the specs – it has maximum load of 150lbs.

Click Here For More On The Fold & Go Kids Trampoline Indoor – Red Edition

Click here To Read More On The Fold & Go Trampoline (TM) – Pink Edition

Amazon Reviews

“Overall this was a fantastic purchase and I’d buy it again and again. It’s nice having a favorite toy in the house that provides healthy exercise, encourages a little imagination and is battery free.” – Dana

“My son is well below the 150 lb weight limit, but the speed with which this has broken leads me to think it may be better built for children significantly below the listed weight limit. Off to research and buy an adult mini trampoline for him!” – Susan W

“The entire trampoline is made extremely poorly and is not worth the cost. Had my daughters not been begging to use it based on the pictures on the box I would’ve returned immediately.” – meeboof327

“Kids love, best toy for active kids in a townhouse with no yard!” – MarFit00

Click here For More Customer Reviews Of The Fold & Go Kids Trampoline Indoor – Red Edition

Click here For More Customer Reviews Of The Fold & Go Trampoline (TM) – Pink Edition

05. Little Tikes 3Ft Kids Trampoline Indoor

little tikes kids trampoline indoor

This indoor mini trampoline for kids is one of the best seller on Amazon, and very budget friendly. The price is low because it doesn’t come with a safety enclosure.

However, it does come with a handlebar and support springs to help keep children from bouncing off the trampoline and falling off the edge, but this setup can be dangerous if not done correctly. But if you want a portable and space saving indoor trampoline for kids, this is worth a look. Plus, it comes in many versions – from folding handle-bars to 4.5ft Light ‘n’ Music.

Click Here Fore The Little Tikes 3′ Small Indoor Trampoline For Toddlers

Amazon Reviews

“The only thought I had on it, was it wasn’t actual springs. It’s just elastic to bounce it. Hence it doesn’t bounce well at all, but for a 2 year old a real bounce would be dangerous. The handle bar is also an awesome design as you can keep it up or remove it.” – Melania

“Kids absolutely love the trampoline. It was ok to assemble. Unfortunately as kids are not always gentle with things, I don’t foresee the handle lasting. They pull hard on it but I can see this to be the failing point in the future. Time will tell.” – Dennis

“My daughter LOVES to bounce, so she loves this. She’s also teething, though. She chewed on the foam handle bar, and chewed a couple of pieces off! ” – Nicole Lofstrand

“The weight requirements is low and my children won’t get a lot of use out of it. Plus, it left black stuff on my children’s socks that don’t come off.” – Jennifer

“My 3 year old loves this! Jumps on it everyday. Was easy to set up and is holding up to her hanging on the bar no problem!” – Amy H

Click Here For More Customer Reviews of The Little Tikes 3′ Small Indoor Trampoline For Toddlers

kids trampoline indoor

Trampolines are usually associated with summertime fun and bouncy kids. With everyone on the go these days, it is not always possible to make it to the park for playtime on a sunny day. Luckily there are a variety of indoor trampoline for kids and toddlers these days. Kids love bouncing around, and parents love having a safe place to do so.  The nice thing is, they take up very little room, they can be used through all four seasons and it’s the perfect way for your child to burn off some energy without running around like a maniac.

A trampoline for kids indoor provides a nice outlet for young children to get active and burn energy, which makes it a nifty, portable indoor trampoline for home use.

However …

You want to make sure that you purchase a safe trampoline with all the necessary safety features. The best way to do that is to read reviews from other customers, look at the safety features of the individual models, and consider if they will be used just by children or adults.

One thing you want to keep in mind is the need for adult supervision, when kids are using the trampoline. Safety precautions must be followed and they should never use them when they are by themselves. There should only be one child on it at a time.

It’s also important to know what safety features are included in your purchase. Is there an enclosure net? Do they have a weight limit? Do they have protective padding? You want to buy a trampoline that will provide your child with hours of fun without them getting hurt in the process.

So take the time when choosing one and make sure it has all of the necessary safety features you’re looking for.

Trampolines aren’t just for kids either. With so many different types of trampoline to choose from these days (mini-trampolines. aerobic steps), there is truly one designed for everyone!

You might even think about investing in one yourself or as a family activity (which is what we did).

Some people think that trampolines are dangerous or that they can make you sick (they don’t), but there’s more to it than you probably know. A trampoline is a great way to keep your child healthy, happy, safe and entertained.

Look …. an indoor trampoline for kids is a great way to keep active and entertained during the cold winter months and the hot summer days. With a wide variety of kid’s trampoline on the market, choosing the best one that fits your needs and budget can be difficult. The suggested indoor trampoline for kids and toddlers are a good start for both your needs, and budget.

FAQs About Indoor Kid’s Trampolines For Home Use

You want to get a trampoline for your kids to use when they are inside. Since the pandemic has changed our lives and what we can do for the time being, this is an excellent idea. You might have questions about indoor trampolines and here is where you will get the answers that you need. Here are the FAOs about indoor trampolines for home use:

Is An Indoor Trampoline For Home Use Safe?

Yes, the indoor trampolines are safe for home use. You want to make sure that an adult is always present when kids will be using it. Only one kid at a time should be on the trampoline at any time.

How Much Does A Kids Indoor Trampoline Cost?

The costs for kids trampoline indoor will vary depending on which model you will buy. You can expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars in most cases to get one for use in your home.

Are The Kids Trampolines Indoor Set Easy To Move Around?

This comes down to the size of the kids indoor trampoline. If you opt for a small indoor trampoline (mini indoor trampoline), then most likely Yes.

In general the equipment is easy to move around as they are lightweight for the most part. An adult will have no problem moving them around the house until they find the perfect place to put it.

And do note that some of the trampolines mentioned above can be used as both indoor outdoor trampoline.

Can You Store The Indoor Trampolines Easily?

Again, if you opt for a small indoor trampoline (mini indoor trampoline), then most likely Yes.

And Yes, some of the trampoline for kids indoor play can be easily folded up for easy storage. Make sure that you get one that you can put away when its not being used.

Will Your Kids Get Great Exercise From Using Indoor Trampolines?

Kids will get a lot of exercise in, when they use the indoor trampolines. You will be glad that they are staying busy and also getting the workout that they need. They will use up a lot of their energy when they are using the indoor trampolines.

Weight Rating of Trampoline for Kids Indoor

The weight carrying capacity or load is an important consideration. Manufacturers set a weight limit for their product. So please pay attention to the weight limit  a trampoline can cater to.  Usually, indoor kids trampoline have a weight rating of 50 lbs or more, whilst some may have more than 100 lbs.

Bounce Quality

Indoor trampoline for kids are not built for higher bouncing. Instead, it’s aim is to assist with kids motor skill, foot balance, hand grip, and a few other skills. Kids aged over 3 years of age can produce small bounces, as the trampolines are created of low bouncing subject matter.

Can Adults Use The Kids Trampoline Too?

Not recommended.

Spring Free or Spring Based for kids trampoline?

Traditional trampolines creates more bounce as it takes advantage of the spring’s elasticity. For the safety of your children, opt for the spring free version as the trampolines are smaller and safer, and will produce less bounce.

Ground Height of Kids Trampoline Indoor

The closer the actual trampoline to the ground, the better. Should a child fall off, the impact to the ground will be less severe. Not only will it be safer, it will be easier for young children to independently access.

Are There A Lot Of Indoor Trampolines For Kids That You Can Pick From?

Yes, there are plenty of them for you to choose from. Make sure that you consider the features and the price when you are wondering which one to buy. When you have the right one, you will be glad that your kids will have something to keep them busy inside.

In Conclusion

Trampoline for kids indoor home use are a lot of fun to have especially during the pandemic, the cold winter months and the hot summer days. Kids will stay busy and active for a long period of time. And, you will need to have an adult present when they are using it, so that they can remain safe while they are having fun.

Although you will to keep an eye on them, you will get a break as it will give your kids hours of enjoyment, and they will get the exercise that they need on a regular basis even when the weather is terrible, and they can’t go outside.

With a plethora of childrens trampoline on the market, choosing the best one that fits your needs and budget can be difficult. The suggested indoor trampoline for kids are a good start for both your needs, and budget.

These are just some best trampoline for kids and toddlers that we were able to find online. If you have experience with any of them or have one not listed here, feel free to leave us a comment below, sharing your thoughts. We’re always looking for new fun ideas to pass along, so feel free to share anything.

Don’t Forget Safety First – Its important to remember that with any kind of exercise equipment (including kids trampoline indoor/outdoor), safety is always the first priority. Make sure your child uses it under your supervision; if you have stairs leading up to where he bounces. even better! They’ll have something to hold on to when they get tired.