Baby Trampoline With Net: Top 5 Indoor Trampoline For Toddler

Are you looking for a baby trampoline that is both fun and safe for a toddler?

Finding the right baby trampoline for a toddler can be time consuming. First there’s the safety aspect you must consider. Then, there’s the design, the suitability, the budget and many more. Another factor is the age of the child. You see….

A difference in a few years, even a few months can be telling . Despite nominal age difference, the developmental needs of toddlers and older children are significantly different. That’s why, when it comes time to choosing a baby trampoline for your little one, you need to know exactly what to look for to keep your them safe and entertained. So, we did a little research.

As part of the selection process (and a must have), we’ve filtered out every toddler trampoline with handle bar, and only listed 5 indoor mini trampolines with net. Why?

Because toddlers don’t exactly have the best coordination skills. That’s why it’s so important for a toddler trampoline to include a safety net. Then your child can bounce to their heart’s content without you worrying that they’ll bounce too close to the edge and have a nasty fall.

In addition, the selected mini toddler trampolines are suitable for kids of ages 1 to 5.

Also, we do have One(1) special mention of a multi functional kids trampoline that doesn’t have a safety net. It’s cute. Doesn’t have much spring to it, yet perfect for kids from the age of 10 months and up. It’s featured number 6 on the list below.

However, if you want more options, like a toddler trampoline with handle or even a 7ft kids trampoline, check out this post on the best indoor outdoor small trampoline for kids.

Our Pick : The Best Toddler Trampoline With Net

Aseem baby trampoline
Toddlers really demand more attention and a higher level of safety than the average kid. When it comes to picking a baby trampoline for your toddler, their safety should be of a priority, and for this reason, we’ve selected the the 60” toddler trampoline by Aseem. The reason?

It has a large enclosure net, which will prevent your little one from clumsily falling off the mini trampoline. Aseem has designed this indoor trampoline for kids in mind; everything about it, from the size to the materials used, is safe for them to use.

Best Small Trampoline For Kids With Net : Aseem 60″ Baby Trampoline With Net

5 Baby Trampoline With Net, And Then One

01. Skywalker Toddler Trampoline

skywalker kids trampoline
This toddler trampoline functions like a regular trampoline but has plenty of bonus safety features built in to provide parents with additional peace of mind. For example, the safety net that encircles the trampoline has been sewn directly onto the jumping area, closing any gaps that a toddler could have fallen through.

Additionally, the traditional steel springs have been replaced with stretchy elastic bands, preventing serious injuries without compromising on bounce quality. The Skywalker toddler trampoline is ideal for indoor use and is compact enough to fit into a small space.

Notable Features

  • Jumping mat enclosed by 360-degree handlebars
  • A fun space theme including sounds and patterned mat
  • Perfect fit for compact spaces
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Comes in 3 various sizes, 40 inch, 48 inch and 60 inch

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02. VGMiu 5Ft Baby Trampoline

vgmiu baby trampoline with net
This indoor toddlers trampoline has plenty of fun features. It includes a basketball hoop and 10 pit balls in addition to a 5 ft small trampoline with net. Both young children and toddlers will have a great time.

It’s also weatherproof, wear-resistant, and the jump pad is UV resistant, so it can be used outside too.

Other safety measures include the springs being totally covered with a thick cover pad, preventing your kids’s fingers and feet from becoming caught. As well, the enclosure netting consist of a high tensile strength.

And for extra stability on the ground, each of the 3 U shaped legs have 2 suction cups.

This 5ft baby trampoline comes in three colors: yellow, blue, and pink.

Notable Features

  • Includes a basketball hoop and 10 pit balls
  • It is an indoor outdoor small trampoline for kids
  • Comes in 3 distinct colors

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03. 60” Kids Baby Trampoline by Aseem

Aseem baby trampoline
While the Aseem trampoline may appear to be marketed to children, look closer and you’ll find that it was specifically designed with toddlers in mind. While one of the more expensive toddler trampolines on the market, the Aseem model offers additional safety features that make the extra outlay well worth it.

The safety-net-encompassed jumping mat is constructed from bouncy and durable polypropylene and sits atop three U-shaped, suction-cupped legs that prevent skidding. It is the safety benefits of these suction cups that set the Aseem toddler trampoline apart from the other models on this list.

For added fun, this toddler trampoline includes colorful plastic balls to convert it into a ball pit and a miniature basketball hoop. Children up to a maximum of eight years old can enjoy plenty of fun on the Aseem toddler trampoline, while older children will need a larger model.

Notable Features

04. Lovely Snail Kid’s Trampoline and Basketball Hoop Combo

lovely snail baby trampoline
Measuring 5 feet in diameter, the Lovely Snail toddler trampoline is a surprisingly small and compact unit that is perfectly suited for indoor use. Despite its compact size, this toddler trampoline can accommodate two children at once with a maximum weight allowance of 220 pounds – perfect for siblings and fun playdates with friends.

Safety features include an attached safety net and plenty of padding to prevent injury. This bright, colorful toddler trampoline offers hours of fun for up to two toddlers at a time. Despite its compact size, the assembly can be tricky. For best results, have an extra person on hand to assist with assembling this unit.

Notable Features

  • A basketball hoop is included, adding an extra element of fun to playtime
  • Injuries are prevented thanks to the padded skirt covering the springs
  • Features a stylish green and black color combination.

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05. Indoor Toddler Trampoline by Zupapa

zupapa baby trampoline
The Zupapa is another toddler trampoline that’s also suitable for the youngest children. Even babies can have plenty of fun bouncing on the 54-inch mat that allows for a child height of up to 4.5 feet with a maximum weight capacity of 120 pounds.

The mat has been specifically designed to be gap-free, eliminating the possibility that a little one will trip or become caught in a gap. Rolling and tipping are also prevented, thanks to the stable frame and reinforced support structure. The one safety downside is that the trampoline itself is not as high as other similar models, and toddlers that are adept at climbing could scale the net and fall.

Notable Features

  • Basketball hoop, ladder, and drawing board included
  • Trampoline is both durable and compact.

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06. SmarTrike Baby Trampoline

smartrike toddler trampoline with net
Although this baby trampoline doesn’t have a safety net, it is still worth a slot on here. Because, it doubles as a multi functional play set.

Which means, it can be a mini trampoline for kids (ages 2 to 5), and it can be a used as toddler play pen. It’s like a nursery trampoline.

The SmarTrike junior trampoline features a removable handlebar, however, some parents have warned that the handlebar can be difficult to remove. Doubling as a ball pit suitable for children over ten months of age, this toddler trampoline comes complete with 100 colorful plastic balls and a drawstring storage solution. The jumping mat is elastic, and the trampoline features elastic bands rather than the usual springs.

An additional safety feature is the rubber ends on the legs which prevent the device from slipping while being used. The SmarTrike toddler trampoline comes fully assembled with a removable handlebar and is easy to fold away for quick storage.

Overall, a nice indoor baby trampoline for toddlers, which can be used for the outdoors too.

Notable Features

  • Includes a ball pit with 100 colorful plastic balls
  • Assembly is as simple as unfolding the pre-made trampoline
  • Storing is easy and involves simply folding the trampoline and sliding it away.

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5 baby trampoline with net

Childrens Trampoline Safety Tips

  • If a youngster is under the age of five, kindly ensure the trampoline is designed with toddlers in mind. In order to prevent injuries and falls, toddler trampolines are made with more safety features.
  • Children must always be supervised by an adult. Adult supervision and spotters can help avoid injuries or lessen the impact of injuries.
  • Allow only one child to jump at a time, regardless of what the instructions on the trampoline suggest. As children are eager and excitable which can lead to mishaps, it is best to allow one child to play.
  • Kids are full of energy and have very low risk assessments. While kids may not perceive the problems with stunts and gymnastic routines, parents or a guardian do. For your child’s safety and your peace of mind, don’t allow them try these feats.
  • If you’re worried that your youngster will try to get on the trampoline without an adult present, don’t place a chair or ladder near the trampoline. Children are clever enough to take advantage of what they see to reach where they want to go!
  • If you’re going to put your trampoline outside, make sure it’s in a secure area. If others have easy access, you may be held accountable for any injuries that arise.
  • Your little angels are still growing, please limit the time on jumping on the mini trampoline.

By the way, if you want an indoor trampoline for kids older than 5 years of age, check out other research on Top 15 Kids Indoor Trampoline.

There you have it, 5 kids trampoline with net, and one multi functional baby trampoline that will suit children between 1 to 5 years of age. With our research, we hope you will have a clearer picture on a suitable trampoline for your toddler.

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Information on the baby trampoline provided here are of general nature only. Please do your due diligence.