This website was put together by a bored dad, who decided one day he wanted to create a website about kid’s trampoline.

The purpose of it was to help you, the adult make the best decision possible on a trampoline that’s most suitable for your family.

Let’s face it, with tons of trampolines in the market, it’s darn hard to find the best ones. The ones that are safe, and will give you a big bang for your hard earnt money.

Can a 2 Year Old Use A Trampoline?

Whilst it’s tempting to get your little one onto a mini trampoline, use it wisely. *According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children as young as 6 should not use a trampoline.

And for good reasons.

But, there are ample of specialized kid’s trampoline that are in the market place.

And if you want a trampoline that is safe , like with a safety net and doesn’t have the ‘spring’ of a traditional trampoline, you can check out these trampolines below:

Best Small Trampoline For Toddlers

Use it how you see fit, and never take your eyes of your precious angels. Because, kids tend to be accident prone.

As well, limit the time on the trampoline as their bodies are still fragile.

Finally, before you make a purchase, do your due diligence and if you are unsure, consult a medical professional. Or don’t buy one at all.

Are Mini Trampolines Bad For Toddlers?

Not necessarily. It’s only bad, if you haven’t properly researched the trampoline. Again, as a responsible parent, you shouldn’t take your eyes off your young one. And please, limit their time on the mini trampoline. Their bodies are still fragile and growing.

With toddlers, a play set like a mini trampoline or any kind of activity set can pose an injury risk*. So, watch them like a hawk.

If you are unsure, then don’t buy one.

Why Every Kid Should Have a Trampoline?

Now, let’s good at the positive side of kid’s trampoline. It’s not only fun, but kids will get loads of exercise and activity from the trampoline. As well, it can help with their muscle development and co-ordination. Really, it’s great for both the health and mind of small children.

You can have it indoor, outdoors or both.

Plus, when you have toddlers and young kids, it’s great for you too. As it gives you a bit of time to yourself, whilst the kids are bouncing around. Again, never take your eyes off your kids.